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Welcoming a Child to the Community of Love and Care at First Parish

A child dedication celebrates the presence of a new and unique person at First Parish. Commonly the child is newly born or newly adopted. In a child dedication ceremony we do not dedicate the child as much as we dedicate ourselves to the care of a child. During a child dedication parents pledge publicly to nurture their child physically, emotionally and spiritually. The congregation pledges to nourish the spirit of this child and the dignity of all life.

Child Dedication Ceremonies occur twice a year during Sunday worship. Children are welcomed into our community at First Parish and are blessed.

If you are members at First Parish and your family is interested in having your child or children participate in a child dedication ceremony, please contact the church office. In preparation for this service you are asked to meet with our minister, Reverend Marta Flanagan. Please contact the church office for more information.


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