Congregational Workings


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Congregational Workings

First Parish is a self-governing, self-supporting community. Like all congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Association it elects its own officers, sets its own budget, choses what to teach our children and calls its ministers. First Parish proudly chooses to be a voluntary member of an association that supports and promotes liberal religious values in the world. But First Parish is an independent, self-determing and self-supporitng religious community.

All members of First Parish are encouraged to exercise their right to vote at congregational meetings that are held several times a year. Committees, particularly the elected Parish Committee, conduct the business of First Parish between congregatinoal meetings. For more information see our bylaws.

Volunteers serve on a wide array of committees that make possible the vibrancy of First Parish. Participating and serving on a committee is a sure way to know and be known, to give and to receive the most from our community.


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