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The Leadership Development Committee’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate the participation of individuals in church committees and groups; to support our lay leaders by promoting leadership development throughout our congregation; and to nominate people to fill vacancies on standing committees and as parish officers prior to the Annual Meeting.

The LDC is always interested in talking with congregants about volunteer opportunities at our church. The Guide to Committees and Groups at First Parish provides a comprehensive overview of the numerous ways to get involved, help First Parish, and meet other congregants. Follow this link for information about Volunteer Opportunities at First Parish.

For more information on the standing committees listed in our bylaws (including specific responsibilities and time commitment), click on one of the links below:

(Job descriptions for the other three standing committees — Denominational Affairs, Stewardship, and Trustees of the Trust Funds — are not yet available.)

If you would like to talk with anyone on LDC, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our members:

CO-CHAIRS: Carolyn Hodges (first term ends 2018) and Aaron Kitzmiller (first term ends 2018)
Julie Dunn (first term ends 2017)
Lynne Jacoby (first term ends 2019)
Martha Pereli (first term ends 2017)
Tina Silberman (second term ends 2018)
Josh Stillerman (first term ends 2017)
Jean Renard Ward (first term ends 2018) 
Celia Wcislo (first term ends 2019)
David Whitford (first term ends 2019)

Contact: leadership @

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