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Purpose: To encourage people who live near each other to get to know each other, socialize, help each other out, etc.

Membership: Everyone

Status: Partly dormant. Some groups are active, others not. If you’d like to connect with people in your neighborhood, contact Kate Tranquada and Eric Segal at community @ for guidance and access to your neighborhood’s email list. Active groups are encouraged to carry on!

A brief history:

In 2014, a Parish Committee task force on Building Community began an experiment with Neighborhood Groups. The purpose of the groups was to introduce ourselves to people who live nearby, build relationships in our congregation, and create mutual support and enjoyment. Suggested activities included potluck suppers, tool sharing, babysitting coops, and outings. Events included ice cream socials, brunches, and caroling. They divided the congregation into 17 neighborhoods formed around 12 to 25 member households, roughly in walking distance of each other. 

Many thanks to the people who volunteered to be Neighborhood Group Leaders! For two years, leaders found ways to organize, neighbors made positive connections, and each group had at least one event together. Still, most groups did not take off as ongoing and active networks. 

In the spring of 2016, the task force decided to step back from the Neighborhood Groups experiment. The existing online Neighborhood Group lists are still in place, so active groups can continue, and new members will continue to be assigned to Realm Neighborhood Group lists. Active groups are encouraged to carry on!

Neighborhood Group Maps, Plans & Handouts:


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