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The Parish Committee is the principal policy-forming and administrative body of First Parish, subject only to the prime authority of the congregation. The Parish Committee provides leadership and vision, creates policy, and has full authority and responsibility to act on the business and programs of First Parish, except as limited by our bylaws. The Parish Committee has general charge of the conduct of all First Parish business affairs and the control of First Parish administration, including the appointment of such committees as the members of the Parish Committee may deem necessary. The Parish Committee serves and answers to the congregation.

Parish Committee Members

Clerk: Lori Kenschaft (2019)
Treasurer: David Klingsberg (2019)
Maggie Carey (2018)
Tom Estabrook (2020)
Marie Meteer (2020)
Steve McMullin (2019)
Julius Pereli (2017)
Jeff Roberts (2019)
Jerry Silberman (2018)

Non-Parish-Committee Officers: Andrew Kobayashi, Moderator; Jean Nagle, Assistant Treasurer; Greg Ruccio, Auditor.

Rev. Marta Flanagan, ex-officio member

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