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Turning Outward Community Conversations

Now that our renovated Parish House is once again full of life, we can pay more attention to the community beyond our doors. In November 2015, First Parish community members were invited to take part in small group conversations about what it might mean to "turn outward." Approximately 60 people participated, including Parish and Social Justice Committee members. Many thanks to all attendees, facilitators, and scribes for your time, attentive listening and thoughtful comments.

First Parish Turning Outward, November 2015 Small Group Discussions:

For printed copies, see the table at the back of the Sanctuary or contact Kate, ktranq @, 781-643-1605.

Small group discussion questions:

  1. What does the congregation "turning outward" mean to you? What might it mean for First Parish? Have you seen examples of turning outward – either at First Parish or in another community – that you find inspiring?
  2. Think of times when you've done something for people outside your immediate circle and outside of First Parish. Think of times when you've taken action to promote justice. Think of times when you've taken steps to care for the environment. When were those activities meaningful and satisfying? Why?
  3. Currently First Parish has five active working groups focused on particular issues. Some people have talked about the idea of the whole congregation focusing together on one or more themes. What do you think would be the pros and cons of such an all-church initiative or focus? What might that look like?

If you were unable to attend the November discussions and would like to contribute to this ongoing conversation, please email your ideas, thoughts and questions to Kate Tranquada at ktranq @, or call at 781-643-1605.



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