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Distribution Policy for Minutes of Parish Committee Meetings

Approved by the Parish Committee, October 14, 2014
Revised November 10, 2015

Draft Minutes
The Clerk will draft minutes as soon as practicable after each Parish Committee meeting. 
These draft minutes are not an official record until the Parish Committee has reviewed them for accuracy and approves them at a subsequent Parish Committee meeting, typically a month later.  People in a variety of roles, however, need to be informed in a more timely manner about decisions made by the Parish Committee.  The Clerk will therefore email draft minutes, using contemporary best practices for such minutes in draft form, from each meeting to the following persons:

  • All members of the Parish Committee
  • All members of the Program Staff (the Minister, Director of Religious Education, Music Director, and Office Manager) and the Youth Group Coordinator
  • All chairs or co-chairs of committees or other groups, and all individuals, that had business before the Parish Committee during the meeting
  • All persons who attended the meeting

Persons receiving the draft minutes should not share the draft with other individuals until the Parish Committee has approved the minutes.  They are, however, encouraged to act as appropriate in response to information contained in the draft minutes.
If individuals have suggestions for changes to the draft minutes, they should email them to the Clerk only.

After the Parish Committee approves the minutes, the Clerk will send them to the Communications Associate to be posted on the First Parish website and to the Office Assistant to be added to the Parish Committee binder.  The final draft will also be sent to the chairs and co-chairs of all standing committees and committees related to ministry.


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