Congregational Workings


Building Good Together
Meetinghouse Campaign

Covenant -- January 2013

Fist Parish exteriror in winterAs leaders in the First Parish Building Good Together Meetinghouse Campaign, we commit ourselves to the mission of First Parish and agree to remain true to it as we work to make the campaign a success.  We are equally committed to maintain and nurture our First Parish community through mutual respect, transparency, and empathy.

We promise to be good stewards of our resources and care for the long term well being of our community.
We commit ourselves to building trust between and among ourselves as well as members of the congregation, leaders and staff through clear communication, transparent processes, and responsible and compassionate action.

We seek to involve all members of the congregation, hear their diverse voices, maintain confidentiality, and encourage the generous spirit of all.
We strive to remain passionate in this effort.  We seek to bring the discipline and conviction to speak and act truthfully, as well as exhibit flexibility.  We will listen to conflicting opinions with open hearts and minds.

We stand united in our optimism throughout the campaign, committed to help one another, and offer our service to First Parish in the spirit of love.



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