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What We're Trying to Do

Building for Good

First Parish Sunday ServiceThe role of First Parish has grown – not just in our own lives, but also in the causes of equal opportunity, social justice, liberal values, and greater love. We are a true beacon in our community. With all that pulls us forward, the obsolescence of our meetinghouse constrains us. With expert advice, we have spent two years developing options for building improvements that align with our core mission and values and would enable us to:

  • Embody our commitments to accessibility and environmental sustainability.
  • Enhance our support for Religious Education, including Youth Group programs, and foster lifelong Religious Education.
  • Affirm our dedication to social action and vibrant worship.
  • Reach out to the greater community in a welcoming way.

Building the Future

First Parish Unitarian Universalist holds a significant place in our lives and in the world. Each of us will need to consider how we can generously support this building that holds our congregation, our religious education, our worship, our beliefs, our mission. We will need to give, examining our values, to continue our role because we must responsibly house what we do if we believe in the value of what we are doing.
The future of our First Parish community depends on how much we value this meetinghouse
home for our Unitarian Universalist lives, our housing of liberal spiritual and religious values and our role in Arlington and in the world beyond.

Our predecessors in 1981 had little idea about what the future of First Parish would hold, yet they believed in it and built for it. Consider your own belief in First Parish, and consider how we are Building Good Together. Join The Meetinghouse Campaign, and let us build the future of First Parish, starting with your gift today.



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