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Display Space Policy

Spaces Available

There are two display spaces at First Parish available to church groups on a monthly rotating basis. These are the kitchen end of the large bulletin board in the vestry (community room) and the glass display case in the narthex (entry hall). These are available for the purpose of educational or creative displays in keeping with the mission and values of First Parish.

How to Proceed

Contact Joan Dyer, Office Manager, to sign up for either space, or both together. Requests should be made a month in advance, but demand may vary, so it may be available at shorter notice. Joan will take sign ups on a first-come-first-served basis.

Any one group may use a display space up to three times per year. Groups are responsible for their own set up and removal of displays. Displays not removed by the group may be removed at the discretion of the group which follows.

Content Guidelines

Displays are to be educational or creative in nature, and in keeping with the mission of First Parish, for example, photos of diverse families, celebrating a social justice anniversary, First Parish historical artifacts, an art show, or a visual explanation of green sanctuary practices. The spaces may not be used primarily to advertise programs or events, although they may be mentioned in conjunction with the theme.

The display case is best utilized by a combination of flat and 3-D objects, and all displays are most effective when the emphasis is on attractive visual composition rather than lengthy written explanation.

—Adopted by the Parish Committee March 1, 2012


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