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Committees and Groups at First Parish

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First Parish includes several types of groups:

Officers & Standing Committees: The officers and standing committees, in close cooperation with the staff, conduct the basic work of the congregation.

Ministry-Related Committees: These committees share with our Minister, Rev. Marta Flanagan, the ministries of pastoral care, worship, and discernment.

The above committees do work that is essential to First Parish, in the name of First Parish, so their membership is formalized. See details in or above the committee listings.

Most of the groups below are open to any interested adult joining at any time. Most welcome youth as well. If there are other conditions, they are indicated clearly in the group listing. If a group says "new participants welcome," you are invited to just show up.

Music: Both singers and instrumentalists provide music for our worship services under the direction of our Music Director, Jonathan Brennand.

Religious Education: Our religious education programs support the spiritual growth and community life of children, youth, and adults. Volunteers are guided by Director of Religious Education Tina Schultz and Youth Group Coordinator Steve Carmody.

Groups for Spiritual Growth and Mutual Support: These groups help adults deepen their spiritual journeys and their relationships with others.

Social Justice Working Groups: These working groups are associated with the Social Justice Committee and help fulfill our mission of challenging the excesses and injustices of our time.

Practical Groups: These groups do useful, practical things such as ushering on Sunday morning or organizing the Harvest Moon Fair.


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