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Property Committee

General Purpose
The Property Committee maintains and enhances the First Parish buildings and grounds, making the First Parish property an inviting and safe environment with minimal environmental footprint.

Leadership and Membership
The chairperson of the Property Committee is nominated by the committee and elected at the annual meeting. The chair is authorized to recruit members with no specific limit. The chair can request authorization to appoint one or more co-chairs.

Specific Duties
The Property Committee shall:

  • Prioritize First Parish property needs and execute them within the Property Committee budget and according to the First Parish calendar.
  • Make the First Parish heating system as reliable and energy-efficient as possible. This includes winterizing the buildings prior to the heating season.
  • Seek ways to integrate renewable energy sources to power the property.
  • The Property Committee shall ensure that building maintenance and repairs occur that ensure safety, attractiveness, efficiency, proper functioning of sanitary installations, and the prevention of costlier repairs in the future.
  • Ensure that the First Parish property meets electrical and fire codes.
  • Maintain the attractiveness of the First Parish grounds in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Execute minor fixes for jobs that can be handled by volunteers.
  • Ensure safe access to First Parish property following snow storms. This includes hiring a professional snow removal team and touch-ups just prior to Sunday service.
  • Organize days and teams to tidy up specific areas of the property.

Annual Objectives and Mission Linkage
For Fiscal Year July 2011–June 2012, the Property Committee seeks to:

  • Prioritize and execute needed repairs and maintenance to First Parish property within budgetary constraints.
  • Complete the heating season with minimal heat outages and a well maintained heating system.

Reporting Requirements
The Property Committee shall:

  • Report in writing annually to the congregation in conjunction with the congregation’s customary annual reporting process.
  • Submit a detailed budget request annually at the date designated by the Finance Committee.
  • Report monthly to the Parish Committee (ParCom) Liaison in a manner convenient to the chair(s) and the ParCom member.

Annual Budget and Spending Authorities
The Property Committee is permitted to spend up to its budget-defined limit without further review. The chair(s) shall provide in writing a rationale if additional funds are requested. The request must be submitted to The Parish Committee and the Finance Committee. The Property Committee shall also seek approval from the Parish Committee Liaison whenever an expenditure exceeding $2,000 is requested outside of budgeted line items.

Authorities Reserved to ParCom

  • ParCom approves the Property Committee charter and annual working budget.
  • ParCom has ultimate authority over the responsibilities of the Property Committee.
  • The Finance Committee will provide oversight of expenses.

Relationship to Professional Staff

  • The Property Committee will work with the Office Manager to execute various property needs.
  • The Office Manager notifies the Property Committee of property problems that need resolution.


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