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Procedures for Use of First Parish Arlington Facilities

Application for Use of Church Premises

Note: the following is for reference only. If you would like an actual application, follow this link to download a PDF version of the application that you can fill out and submit to the church office.

Applicant _________________________________________________________________________
(Name of sponsoring individual)

Address __________________________________________________________________________

Telephone (Home) ______________________     (Mobile) ________________________

E-mail Address:                       

DAY & DATE of Event: __________________

Specific hours of Event: ___________ to _____________

TIME of USE Hours that Space is reserved for your use:
 to                               (includes set-up and clean-up time before and after the Event)

Organization, if applicable:                
Purpose for which requested:             
Open to public? Yes          No             
Number of people expected:        Admission: Yes      No      Amount: $______
Non-profit organization: Yes ____                  No ____        Tax ID number: ___________
Person responsible for opening up:               
Person responsible for cleaning up/closing:           
Do you plan to serve food? Yes_____ No _____
Do you plan to serve alcohol? Yes_____ No _____
Will you use a caterer? Yes ____ No ____ If yes, please provide caterer’s name:_____________________

Space(s) Requested; see User Fee Schedule:

Other equipment needs or requests? (For example: tents, piano(s), audio/visual equipment. Fees and suitability of equipment needs and requests to be determined by First Parish)

Police details (if necessary) must be procured and paid for by the organization using the space.

ESTIMATED FEE $ ______________________  
DEPOSIT ENCLOSED $_______________________

I will be responsible for the Custodian’s fee, when applicable, and the proper use of the Space designated above in accordance with the Application, the Regulations Governing Use, the Terms and Conditions Governing Use, the User Fee Schedule, and all other documents that are a part of this Facilities Use Packet.

SIGNATURE __________________________________ Date: ____________________
(Sponsoring Individual)

Please deliver to First Parish Arlington at least 14 days before the Event the following:

  • Final payment of all fees
  • All required insurance certificates and copies of required permits
  • Damage and cleanup deposit.
  • Special requests.

If there are any questions, please call First Parish at 781-648-3799 and ask for the Office Manager.

For Office Use Only

Custodian Required? YES / NO
Discount % ________
Discount Reasons: ______________________________
Facilities Approved: _____________________________
Date Approved: ________________________________
Fee calculated: $ ____________
Certificate of Insurance Received _________ Waiver: ______________________
Food Permit Required? YES / NO                  Received: ____________________
Deposit Collected: $ _________   Date: ___________
Security Deposit Amount $_______      Date: ___________
Security Deposit Collected $ ______     Date: ___________
Security Deposit Returned $ _______   Date: ___________


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