Congregational Workings


Employee Handbook

Performance Evaluation

Employees will receive an annual written performance evaluation that will be maintained in the employee’s permanent personnel file. Factors considered in assessing performance include but are not limited to quality and quantity of work, dependability, attendance and punctuality, effective interpersonal relationships with the congregation, and personal conduct.


  1. The supervisor writes a performance evaluation using the Performance Evaluation form/process and appropriate performance descriptions. Supervisor solicits feedback from relevant committees, subordinates, and members of the congregation to incorporate into the performance evaluation.
  2. The employee is encouraged to provide the supervisor with a self-assessment. The supervisor should consider the employee’s comments as part of the appraisal process.
  3. The supervisor and employee have a discussion regarding their respective views of the employee’s performance year and identify performance objectives for the coming year.
  4. The supervisor forwards a signed copy of the written evaluation to the senior minister, who files it securely.
  5. The supervisor may share the overall evaluation with the committee(s) most related to the employee’s work.


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