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Employee Handbook

Termination Policy/Grievance Procedure

Termination Policy
The supervisor implements the progressive discipline policy and, if appropriate, a performance improvement plan, in coordination with the Human Resources Committee and the senior minister. If corrective action efforts are unsuccessful, a supervisor may recommend dismissal to the minister. If the minister agrees, s/he will seek Parish Committee approval for the dismissal.

Grievance Procedure
Every employee has the right to be heard, and to have his or her concerns considered. In the case of a grievance being filed in writing, the Chair of the Human Resources Committee will identify 1 or 2 people from the Human Resources Committee and the Chair of the Parish Committee will identify 1 or 2 people from the Parish Committee to hear such grievance together with the individual. This forum is a vehicle for airing concerns and/or grievances, and to engage in a good faith and timely effort to arrive at a reasonable resolution. Such hearing does not guarantee a particular outcome. If significant unresolved issues remain, this group may request action by the Parish Committee.


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