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All children who attend the Religious Education program at First Parish must be registered, which may be done online or on paper.


► Click here to register your child online


► Click here to download and print the hard copy RE Registration Form. You can bring the completed form to the RE Office or drop it off in the DRE mailbox in the church office.


All parents need to complete a medical release form, in hard copy, for each child in the program. These are available from DRE Tina Schultz.

Thank you for helping us maintain accurate records of your family contact information and the most up-to-date information about your child!


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Children's Programs

► Click here to download the Religious Education (RE) brochure for this term.

Imagine a place for you and your loved ones to worship, create lasting friendships, and a strong sense of community where together you investigate spiritual paths, work toward peace and justice, and help save our precious planet.

The RE program at First Parish creates a place where children learn and discuss liberal religious values to help them navigate life in our challenging time. Adults and children together discuss the big questions of life and ponder spiritual questions. Children make friends of all ages for life, learn to care about others, and grow spiritually and emotionally. Our hope is to raise children to act beyond the church doors with open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands. 

Our RE classes are busy and fun places full of music, art, stories, and dance. During the fall, winter, and spring terms each year, our children are exposed to a variety of interesting topics and are challenged to take the values they learned on Sunday mornings back to their homes, schools, and playgrounds.

► Click here to see an overview of our RE curriculum, from pre-K through grade 8.

Are you new to First Parish, or are you visiting for the first time?

Our doors are open to all newcomers! On Sunday morning, look for someone with a name tag that reads "RE Committee." They can answer any questions that you have and point you in the right direction.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect on Sunday morning:

  • Nursery-age children (0–2) can go directly to the Nursery at 10 a.m.
  • All other children accompany their families to the Sanctuary. Worship begins at 10 a.m.
  • Around 10:15, children are called forward for the Time for All Ages, a ten-minute “first sermon” targeted to little ones. They are then excused to go to their RE classes. Parents should accompany children in pre-K through grade 3; older children can walk to class by themselves. The locations of RE classrooms are posted near the stairs. 
  • Parents are welcome to stay in class with their children, as needed. Conversely, children are welcome to stay in the Sanctuary for the worship service.
  • Parents should pick up their children in pre-K through grade 3 promptly at 11:30, even if the worship service hasn’t ended. Older children will be excused from class and directed to join their parents in the Vestry (the big room where we meet for coffee hour after the worship service).

    Note: If you are new and have children in grades 7 or 8, please talk to me (tina @ before sending your kids to class. Depending on the time of year, grade 7 may be going on a field trip; grades 7 and 8 may be participating in OWL, which has prerequisites for registration.

Members of the Religious Education Committee and I are always glad to hear your thoughts about the program. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a visit, please contact me at 781/648-3799 ext. 5, or e-mail tina @

I look forward to a wonderful year with you and your children.

Tina Schultz
RE Director

RE Committee Members:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Co-Chair)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Co-Chair)
Alex Aminoff
Jennifer Davis-Kay
Anthony Fernandez
Sara Galantowicz
Barbara Grim
Ginger Mara (Treasurer)
Ellen Robie
Sarah Short
Sarah Trilling


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