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The Giving First program donates 50% of the non-pledge offering each month to a charitable organization that we feel is consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles and First Parish Arlington’s mission to challenge the excesses and injustices of our time. The program began in November 2009, and First Parish has donated well over $80,000 to more than 50 organizations.



Giving First Recipient for April: Refugee Immigration Ministry

The Refugee Concerns Working Group, an effort sponsored by the First Parish Social Justice Committee, is part of the Arlington Cluster of the Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM). Refugee Immigration Ministry was founded in 1986 as an Interfaith Ministry whose purpose was to offer Spiritual Care in detention facilities. RIM has expanded to other services bringing volunteers together from many cultures and faiths to provide community-based services to uprooted and often isolated persons.

The First Parish Refugee Concerns group is actively building a cluster in Arlington and is already housing and serving our first Asylum Seeker. Clusters provide resettlement services (food, housing, transportation) within their communities. Clusters are made up of volunteers from collaborating faith communities within a given geographical area. This collaboration allows several clients to be supported by Clusters and provides an enriching experience to volunteers. 

Your financial support through Giving First will go directly to assist the Arlington Cluster. Additionally, we are looking for volunteers for our many cluster activities such as providing one-time transportation to appointments, hosting our guest for a meal or coffee date, coordinating ESL study and practice sessions, fund raising, or hosting someone in your home.  Come to our table at coffee hour to learn more.

Refugee Immigration Ministry is a 501(c)3 Agency which serves immigrants who are seeking asylum. Each client must be legally and medically cleared prior to acceptance in RIM's programs. RIM does not allow clients to send money overseas nor does RIM support any other program. Ninety-three percent of funds raised are used directly for client care and program 

Learn more about RIM through their website:

You can also contact the working group for more information. E-mail: refugeeconcerns @


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