Mass Incarceration Working Group


Our mission is to help build a movement to end mass incarceration in Massachusetts.

We educate ourselves and others about the problems: The United States locks up more of our people than any other country in the world. Though the incarceration rate in Massachusetts is one of the lowest in the country, it is many times higher than in other wealthy democracies, and our racial discrepancies are actually higher than average. Keeping one person in prison costs roughly $50,000 a year, sapping budgets for public schools and universities, human services, roads and bridges, and everything else. 

We focus on solutions. We work for comprehensive legislative reforms, restorative justice, and the fundamental belief that every person deserves both justice and compassion. We are currently working with the ACLU of Massachusetts to raise awareness of the importance of prosecutors, their power and discretion, and the District Attorney elections in 2018. Learn about What a Difference a DA Makes here.

We send roughly 800 people statewide 1-3 emails a month about action opportunities related to ending mass incarceration and promoting better alternatives. To receive those emails or learn more about our group, contact us at end-mass-incarceration @

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