Racial Justice Coordinating Committee

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rjccThe Parish Committee created the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee in April 2016 and charged it with identifying and supporting activities that will promote racial justice both within the First Parish community and in the larger world. The RJCC is a two-year project in the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 program years.

The RJCC began by having conversations with people of color connected with First Parish, both members and attenders, and with the parents of children of color (infants to young adults) who have been in our religious education program. It then adopted the following mission and specific goals.


The mission of the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee is to help First Parish more fully live up to the goals stated in its mission of being “welcoming to all” and “challenging the excesses and injustices of our time.”

Specific Goals:

To promote racial justice both inside First Parish and beyond our walls, the RJCC will:

  • Conduct an audit of all aspects of First Parish’s life (e.g., interior/exterior spaces, religious education curriculum, worship, music, etc.) from a racial justice perspective
  • Make recommendations to staff and committees about how First Parish could better embody its commitment to racial justice and engage an ever-broader circle of people in this work
  • Curate, endorse, and support experiences that help First Parish members develop a new consciousness of institutionalized white power and privilege and a deeper commitment to acting for racial justice
  • Provide opportunities for First Parish members to learn anti-racist and welcoming skills
  • Encourage First Parish members to participate in educational, cultural, and political activities related to racial justice, especially activities organized by people of color, in Arlington and neighboring communities
  • Lay a foundation for future progress by, among other things, asking the congregation to support a congregational resolution of commitment to racial justice at the May 2018 Annual Meeting


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