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The First Parish Meditation Group Welcomes You

Please join us! We hold drop-in meditations on Mondays (gather at 6:00 pm and start at 6:15 pm at First Parish in the Damon Room.) We sit for 35 minutes in the style of Vipassana (Insight) Buddhist meditation, and beginners are welcome. By focusing on mind/body sensations in meditation, it is possible to become more mindful in daily life.

For more information, contact meditation @ firstparish.info

Click here to visit the Meditation Group page of the web site.

Sunday Worship head

Wendy Page
“Asking Forgiveness”

Wendy Page Preaching

Sunday, September 24 ♦ 10 am 



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Partner Church Committee Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour ♦ Sunday, September 24

The Partner Church Committee is sponsoring coffee hour this week in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday in Transylvania, which is celebrated during the last weekend in September. Please come share a treat and ask us about our partner…

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The Artisan Table - Harvest Moon Fair

The Artisan Table is looking for donations of new art/craft and specialty creations for the Harvest Moon Fair. Contact Erica Licea-Kane erica.licea.kane @ verizon.net or
617-901-5948 if you have questions, suggestions or would like to make a donation. Thank… Read More



Art Show: "Reflections and Textures of Lebanon"

Now through mid-November in the Stanton Parlor

 Artist's talk Friday October 6 at 7:00 pm

Elaine’s photos reveal a Lebanon that is pluralistic -- majority Muslim with a strong Christian tradition stretching back to its beginnings. Since the Syrian conflict Lebanon…

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blood drive

Blood Drive October 7 -- Donors and Volunteers Needed!

Saturday, October 7 ♦ 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Please spread the news!
Volunteers needed! As Much As Blood Donors!

The Sanctuary and Vestry get cleared and reset that morning early, before the donors arrive, and that afternoon, after they leave. So far Jean, Carol,…

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Committee on Ministry: We're Ready to Listen

As our congregation continues to grow, the idea of a shared ministry becomes more and more important. We, the members of the Committee on Ministry (COM), hope to facilitate this by keeping the minister advised of concerns and successes within the congregation, as well as…

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Help Dedicate 30 New Hymnals

As our congregation grows, our ushers report that on many Sundays they find themselves scavenging for hymnals. The Alliance has stepped up with an offer to supply 30 new hymnals for use in the sanctuary. Our tradition with hymnals has been to give the congregation an opportunity to help…

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All Are Invited to the Ordination of Wendy Page

Sunday, October 15 ♦ 2:00 pm at First Parish

You are invited to attend the ordination of Wendy Edith Page into Unitarian Universalist Ministry.

Reception following -- childcare provided.

First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington and North Parish Unitarian…

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Job Opening: Part-time Building Maintenance Sexton (Custodian)

First Parish is seeking to hire a Part-time Building Maintenance Sexton. Please click here for the job description.

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marta flanagan

Conversation With Our Minister, Marta Flanagan 

Sunday, October 1 ♦ following the service, in the Parlor

Are you new to First Parish? Do you have questions about what our minister, Marta, thinks is important in building our Faith community. Do you have questions about Unitarianism Universalism in general or First…

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handbell choir

Join Our Handbell Choir!

Thursdays, 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary starting September 7

Come ring chimes with us! Starting Thursday, September 7, the handbell choir rehearses in the Sanctuary on Thursdays at 7:00 pm for just under an hour before choir starts at 8:00 pm. You are welcome to join us! We have plenty of…

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New UU Class this Fall

Saturdays October 21 and 28 ♦ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm in the Parlor

Would you like to get to know others who are current First Parish members or who are new and exploring this community? Are you interested in sharing your religious/spiritual path with others? Would you like to learn more about our…

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Alliance In-Gathering Featuring a Special Guest

Frieday, October 6 ♦ 7:00 pm in the Vestry

All are welcome to gather with Alliance Members and friends for our first meeting of 2017-2018. Beginning at 7:00 pm, we'll socialize and enjoy coffee and tea and a potluck dessert. At 7:30 pm we'll have a very seasonal…

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Black Lives Matter to Us

For Adam Jones and everyone else who has been subjected to bigotry, here or elsewhere.

For Alton Sterling, Jordan Edwards, Walter Scott, and so many more people who have died violently.

For the 63 percent of black children who live in low-income families that have difficulties covering…

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Participate in Music at First Parish

The Music Committee and Music Director welcomes anyone interested in participating in music this year. There are a multitude of opportunities including the Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, Bell Choir, as well as instrumental groups such as the C-Winds and other ad hoc groups. For…

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Sign Up to Bring Sunday Flowers!

Follow this link to use our online flowers signup form

The flowers that grace our Sanctuary on Sunday mornings are donated by parishioners, often with a special dedication that is printed in the order of service. The Flower Coordinator can assist in ordering an arrangement from…

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connection card

Get Connected/Stay Connected with First Parish

We invite newcomers to First Parish to fill out a Connection Card to receive our weekly email bulletin, give us your contact information, and (if you wish) indicate your interest in various aspects of life in our community. You can find the Connection Cards every…

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How to Request a Spoken Announcement or Submit a News Item

Send requests for Sunday morning spoken announcements to announce @ firstparish.info. Requests will be forwarded to the Worship Associates every Friday. Please note that Spoken Announcements must be relevant to the whole congregation, and will likely…

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Racial Justice & Racial Awareness

Each week we will have new suggestions – events, articles, podcasts, and more.

If you’d like to suggest an experience – of any type – that you think other First Parish members might appreciate, please email the Racial Justice Coordinating Committee at racialjustice @…
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Unpacking Whiteness: Dialogues at First Parish

Modeled after a program at Tufts University

October - November at First Parish

  • Want to get “woke”?
  • Want to reflect on the legacy and impact of white supremacy and white privilege?
  • Want to deepen your understanding of how race and privilege work upon you and the…
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Groovervisity: Brazilian drumming troupe offers fun & learning for all ages

Thursday, September 28 4-5 p.m. Kids’ Corner Auditorium, 263 Main Street in Winchester

Grooversity is an innovative drumming troupe, envisioned by Brazilian percussionist Marcus Santos, that promotes music as an educational resource,…

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people holding black lives matter banner at a church

Network with UUs who think Black Lives Matter, at First Parish

Learn what other UU Congregations are doing ♦ Sunday, September 24, 2-4 pm in the Bailey Room

The quarterly gathering of the Black Lives Matter Working Group of UU Mass Action (our statewide social justice network) happens to be at First Parish this…

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Rev Mark Morrison ReedRev Rosemary Bray McNatt

Two Black UU Scholars Speak about UUs & Black Lives Matter

♦ Who were the African-American leaders in Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist congregations?

♦ Why don’t Unitarian Universalists today know about our black antecedents?

♦ What is the relationship between this “black hole” in white…

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Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates on “The Case for Reparations”

 A must-read article that puts it all in context

The roots of racial economic inequality go deep: 250 years of slavery. 90 years of Jim Crow. 60 years of separate but equal. 35 years of racist housing polices. Racist housing practices that still continue. The…

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black people watching white men lecture with a pie chart

What if you had just $8 in your bank account?

The median net worth of a U.S.-born black household in the Boston area is just $8. That’s $247,492 less than the median net worth of a Boston-area white household. While nearly 80% of white families own their homes, only a third of black families do.

Nationally, the…

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Celebrating Creation: Blessing of the Animals

Sunday, October 1

Francis of Assisi was an Italian Roman Catholic friar in the 13th century. He is cherished for his vow of poverty and his deep connection to animals. His feast day is celebrated in early October and many churches the world over honor him in a “Blessing of the Animals” ceremony. On October 1 the theme of  Sunday worship will be “Celebrating Creation.” As part of the service…

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Unpacking Whiteness: Dialogues at First Parish

Modeled after a program at Tufts University

October - November at First Parish

  • Want to get “woke”?
  • Want to reflect on the legacy and impact of white supremacy and white privilege?
  • Want to deepen your understanding of how race and privilege work upon you and the world?
  • Want to better understand explicit bias, implicit bias and microaggressions?

Join guided dialogues “Unpacking…

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First Parish Celebration, Save the Date!

Saturday, October 21

Mark your calendars! Saturday evening, October 21 at First Parish. Please join your fellow parishioners for MARTAPALOOZA! We are celebrating Marta’s 30 years in ministry and our beloved First Parish community. If you’d like to join the fun in planning this party, please contact Tina Silberman or Lisa Davis at martapalooza @ firstparish.info. We’d love help with…

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Leigh Powers

Introducing our new Communications Associate, Leigh Powers

Leigh began working this week as our new Communications Associate. Greg Friedman, who had been our Communications Associate since 2011, has left First Parish for a new, full-time position. 

Leigh grew up in the Southeastern U.S, lived in the Boston area for many years, and is now living on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, CT. Leigh has a background in Library &…

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re announcements

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Religious Education Announcements

Dear Friends and Families in the Religious Education Program,

This Sunday marks the second Sunday of the fall teaching term. All children should bring their sweaters or coats since many grades plan to go outdoors to enjoy the fall weather.

If you're new you may want to know that we will not hold regular classes on October 1 or October 8, although our Nursery and PreK classrooms will be open for our youngest children. On those days the Religious…

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Youth Group Announcements


Dearest Youth Community! We wholeheartedly welcome all new and returning youth members. Over the next few months especially, we'll be sure to build/re-build our community connections and friendships with one another. I'm so happy to have all your voices, presences, and energy, coming into our community.

Please note some upcoming events:

Sunday, September 24, 5–6:30: YAC Meeting – Members of the Youth/Adult Committee will meet to plan upcoming events!

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Single on Sunday

Tuesday, October 24 ♦ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the Parlor

Does your partner/spouse strongly support your involvement with First Parish but still really misses you when you are away from home for church activities? Do you opt out of some church events and commitments because of…

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Options in Aging Care


Sunday, October 22
12 – 1:30 pm in the parlor
Veggie Chili will be provided, or BYO lunch

Are you contemplating the “next step” as you age? Are you worried about a failing parent or partner? Many among us are in the “sandwich generation,” juggling care giving of…

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Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina

Tuesdays ♦ 7:00 am - 8:00 am in the Parlor
and Thursdays ♦ 8:00 am - 9:00 am in the Parlor

Lectio Divina is a method of reading and listening,lingering with, and sharing personal responses to selected biblical texts. Diverse responses to the text provide new insights and help…

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hurricane harvey disaster victims

Giving First Recipient for September: Hurricane Harvey Relief

We have seen the images. The fourth largest city in the US has been taken by storm. In response, the First Parish Social Justice Committee named hurricane relief our Giving First recipient for the month of September. Half of the…

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Refugee Concerns Working Group

There are currently more refugees around the world than at any time since World War II. The Refugee Concerns working group enables First Parish members to become active in a variety of efforts addressing the global refugee crisis.

Our current focus is working…

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"living our faith"

Living Our Faith: Organizations Supported by First Parish Members

In January 2013, the Social Justice Committee held a service entitled "Living Our Faith." A list of organizations that congregants meaningfully support was started that morning as people who attended the service were…

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ryp afterschool students

UU Urban Ministry Volunteer Positions

Be a part of First Parish’s turning outward -- Volunteer with the UU Urban Ministry to promote social justice and equality. Urban Ministry works side-by-side with individuals and communities in Boston, primarily in Roxbury, to create opportunities and…

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Arlington Food Pantry

Collection baskets are located at the front and office doors.

Monetary donations can be sent to:

The Arlington Food Pantry
Health and Human Services
27 Maple Street
Arlington, MA 02476

The Food Pantry can always use juice, jelly, cereal, things from baked goods aisle…

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men's group

First Parish Men's Group

The First Parish Men's group provides a forum in which we help each other with spiritual, emotional, and personal questions and concerns. Discussion themes often interweave questions of security, identity, authenticity, and purpose. We provide a place where men can…

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Jacob's Mother

First and Third Sundays ♦ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at First Parish

Are you having more challenges with your child's behavior than most parents? Do you feel like your family and friends do not get what you go through? Join us for a change to get support from other parents and…

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Join the Climate Change/Climate Action Vigil After Coffee Hour!

Sundays, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Please come join us for the weekly Climate Action Vigil on Sunday after coffee hour! And please stop by our table at coffee hour for information, sharing ideas, and discussion! If you'd like to…

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Stitch & Sew Returns

Thursdays, 10:30 am in Pierce

Join us for a weekly gathering of people to knit, sew, talk, eat lunch and  prepare items for the November Harvest Fair. Everyone invited to come or let us know if you can prepare items at home that would be appropriate for the Stitch and…

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Do you like to knit or crochet?  Would you like to provide support to members of the congregation? Our supply of prayer shawls is running low and we could use your help. Participants in the First Parish Prayer Shawl Ministry knit or crochet prayer shawls for Marta or…

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The First Parish Meditation Group Welcomes You

Please join us! We hold drop-in meditations on Mondays (gather at 6:00 pm and start at 6:15 pm at First Parish in the Damon Room.) We sit for 35 minutes in the style of Vipassana (Insight) Buddhist meditation, and beginners are welcome. By…

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older mens group

Calling Older Men

First Thursday of each month ♦ 12:00 pm in the Parlor

First Parish is organizing a monthly fellowship gathering for older First Parish men, aimed at reinforcing camaraderie and providing a forum for discussing topics of general interest. We meet on the first Thursday of…

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First Parish Music Programs

Click here for more information on First Parish music programs for youth and adults.

Concerts by First Parish Musicians

The Musical Connections page on the First Parish website provides information on concerts and events with First Parish musicians…

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Diversity/Inclusion Group

All interested First Parish folks are invited to meetings of the Diversity/Inclusion Group (D/IG). Our mission: to work together to make First Parish as welcome and inclusive as we can be and to assist outside efforts with a similar goal. We define diversity to…

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Green Sanctuary Practices

The Green Sanctuary Group recognizes that we all have a responsibility to be mindful of the environmental consequences of our choices for the sake of the human community now on earth, future generations, and endangered species.

All are welcome to join us in working…

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