Guidelines for Retreats
at Ferry Beach Park Association


  1. Respect all property of Ferry Beach as if it were your own and leave this place better than you found it. Recycle and throw away trash.
  2. Consume food in the dining hall and not in dormitory rooms.
  3. Supervise children and youth with an adult at all times.
  4. Observe all of the guidelines regarding the beach, (written on a sign on the beachfront). Most importantly: swim at your own risk and always swim with a buddy. Do NOT let children swim without an adult swimmer present.
  5. Do not put your feet on couches, chairs or other structures not intended for shoes.
  6. Respect the alcohol policy of Ferry Beach: the consumption of alcohol is restricted to the dining hall area and private rooms unless stated otherwise in your contract.
  7. Pick up after yourself and your family.
  8. Do not destroy the dunes by walking on them.
  9. Play with toys, balls and Frisbees that are stored in the boxes near the volleyball court and return them there when you are finished with them.
  10. Remember that check out of rooms is 10am on Sunday. You must be out of the dorms by that time.

To Make Your Stay Enjoyable:

  1. Check the weather before you pack for Ferry Beach.
  2. Bring with you a variety of outerwear. Maine can be warm one moment and the wind can shift, particularly at the beach, and it can get very chilly.
  3. Bring your own bedding. We do have a small supply on hand for rent.
  4. Sweatshirts and warm pajamas are a good idea in the shoulder season. We have heat in the hallways of the dormitories and in the common spaces (the Dolphin Room, the auditorium, the Ziegler Room).
  5. Nights are often cool, so bring an extra jacket if you plan on being a part of an evening outdoor activity.
  6. Bring sunscreen.


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