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Over time we become part of the fabric of one another's lives. The more we share about our journeys, the stronger the weave becomes. "Lives We Share," until now a column in the monthly Spire, is moving to the Sunday Bulletin, those white pages tucked into the Order of Service. The column will continue to alert members and friends of First Parish of significant events in the lives of other members.

Typical announcements include major milestones in the lives of individuals and families, including joys and celebrations, illnesses or injuries, losses of loved ones, and significant challenges and achievements.

Lay Ministry is opening the process so that any member of First Parish may submit a notice in writing for a single publication in Lives We Share. You may request "shout outs," prayers, support, visits, notes, calls, or assistance for yourself or your family. Requests may be submitted any week (September - June) by Tuesday noon to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here's how: State your request that your personal news appear in Lives We Share. Then write what you want to appear in the column. Specify how you want church members to contact you and include relevant contact information -- street address, phone number, and/or email. Note: Rev. Marta Flanagan and Lay Ministers reserve the right to edit submissions. Because of privacy and confidentiality concerns, please obtain permission from anyone who is named in your notice.

Sample submissions and notices for Lives We Share:

Lay Ministry - Please include this information about my husband's recent surgery in Lives We Share: Joe Apple is recovering at home following surgery to replace his left hip. If you'd like to call or send a note, he'd be delighted - 781-646-XXXX or 222 Recovery Lane, Arlington, MA 02474.

Lay Ministry - Please share our good news in Lives We Share: Mary Chu is excited to announce that our family has bought a home in Arlington - no more commuting from Boston! After June 1 you can find us at 7 Round Circle.

Questions? Email us at the above address or speak to any of us in person.


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