Three Ways to Pledge & Pay

1. If you have a Realm login, you can pledge and set up automatic payments:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Select the Giving tab in the left column of your profile
  • To pledge:
    • Click the +Pledge button.
    • Enter the amount of your pledge PER PERIOD (e.g., per month or per year)
    • Choose “Stewardship 07/01/2017 until 06/30/2018" from the drop down box.
    • Select how often you want to give the pledge amount. (e.g., once a month, or “as can” which means you can pay any time)
    • Check that the total pledge displayed is correct and click “Save pledge”.
  • If you want to set up automatic payments from your bank or a credit card:
    • Click the +Give button. 
    • Enter the amount you wish to pay each period (same as you entered in your pledge)
    • If needed, in the drop-down box, choose the fund “Stewardship”.  
    • Select the appropriate period. (same as you entered in your pledge)
    • Set the start date, for example 7/1/2017 to start paying your pledge in July.
    • Select an end date option.
    • Fill in your payment information details, click “Give” and you’re done.
  • Problems? Email realm @ and the First Parish office staff will gladly help.

2. If you don’t want to use Realm, but do want to pledge & pay online:

  • Pledge: go to and fill out the form. It will automatically go to a stewardship co-chair who will update your Realm account for you within a few days.
  • Set up automatic payments: go to and print the form. Fill it out and mail to First Parish (630 Mass Ave, Arlington MA 02476) or drop it off in person.
  • Give using stock or mutual funds: If you own securities that have increased in value, you can donate them to First Parish as (part of) your pledge, and receive full credit as a tax donation. Donating stock this way can eliminate or significantly reduce your capital gains taxes.

3. If you prefer paper for pledging and paying:

  • Pledge using a pledge card included in in the campaign brochure. Put it in the offering basket during worship, or mail it to First Parish (630 Mass Ave, Arlington MA 02476).
  • Give by check: Write “pledge” on your check memo line, and put it in the offering basket during worship, or mail it to First Parish (630 Mass Ave, Arlington MA 02476).


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