Rev. Marta Flanagan preaching
Worship and Music

Sunday morning worship at 10:00 am is the center of life at First Parish. The word “Worship” comes from the same root as the word “worth.” At First Parish we turn our attention to what is of great worth through the spoken word, music, song and silence in our worship services. Music serves to enrich and deepen our experience.

Most Sundays between 200 and 250 people participate in worship. Worship services typically include a prayer, hymn singing, choral anthem, sermon, and “time for all ages,” when a story or lesson is told to children at the front of the sanctuary. On most Sundays following the Time for All Ages, children may leave a for a religious education program that concludes at 11:30.

Most Sundays we place stones that represent joys or concerns on the chancel table. Each person warms a stone in their hands and passes it to the next person in line. Those who would like to speak about their joy or concern have the opportunity to do so. 

Every Sunday half of the offering support the work of First Parish and half support a worthy cause identified by the Social Justice Committee each month.

Dress runs the gamut from jacket and tie to t-shirts and jeans. Our motto is “Come as You Are.”

Worship begins at 10:00 am and runs between 60 and 90 minutes. After worship everyone is invited for coffee in the Vestry.

Please visit our Worship Services page for more information about Sunday services.


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