Welcome to First Parish Music Community!

First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Arlington has a thriving music and arts program that is at the core of its Ministry.  Throughout the year, we welcome new voices and instrumentalists to participate in our Adult Choir, Children's Choir and a variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles. Please let us know if you would like to learn more or become involved by emailing musicdirector @, and/or by signing up for the weekly E-Bulletin.

Vocal groups and instrumentalists contribute regularly to Sunday services and to special events from September-June and provide music for lay-led services during the summer months.

Highlights of our 2015/2016 musical year have included performances of Bach's Magnificat, both for a joint concert with First Parish Unitarian in Worcester, MA and the Worcester Youth Baroque Orchestra and for our March 13 Music Service.  We reveled in our "Christmas Pudding" December Music service, learned "Nachon libi Elohim,"  by Gareth Nair and  participated in a program on diversity in music with guest speaker, Anne Watson Born.  Many services featured instrumental musicians of First Parish, including Shenanigans, Flute Loops, Duo Maresienne, a newly formed bell choir and more.   We are delighted to be have a growing choir, with new singers in every part this year.  With new parishioners come opportunities for combining musical offeringes in new ways.  Come experience the reward of enhancing our worship services with your musical talents.



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