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Courtyard Conversation: Open Talk About Death

In the Celtic calendar October 31 is Samhain, the day when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. The Catholic Church turned this ancient tradition into All Souls Day, on November 2 — a day of prayer and remembrance for the dead. More recently Samhain became Halloween, when ghosts and skeletons go... Read more »

Courtyard Conversation: Sharing Grief about Life

Grief is often associated with death and dying, but we can also feel grief when our lives are changed by unexpected and unwelcome events — an experience that many of us have had during this pandemic time. Lori Kenschaft will start by sharing some of her own story with grief since her life was changed... Read more »

Drumming & Spirituality Circle in the Courtyard

Matt Meyer is a Unitarian Universalist worship leader, percussionist, and community-builder. He will lead a drumming and spirituality circle that offers people of *all* skill levels a chance to experience the connection of community music-making. We will tour instruments from around the world and participate in hands-on rhythm-making as well as a variety of activities,... Read more »