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Giving First: Educate Girls Now

One of the Giving First recipients this summer is Educate Girls Now.   Educate Girls Now is committed to empowering and providing an education to Afghan girls at risk of becoming child brides. They have saved 54 Afghan girls under the age of 15 from forced childhood marriages. Since all schools and universities are now closed to... Read more »

Giving First: Massachusetts Building Electrification Accelerator

Climate change is an existential global crisis. It requires all the intelligence, commitment, resources, and collaboration of people all over the world to reverse the path toward a dangerous and almost unimaginable future. We are proud to say that Massachusetts is one of the most forward-thinking and -acting states in the country in setting goals... Read more »

Wanted: volunteer Energy Manager to help First Parish get greener

Are you deeply concerned about climate change and motivated to help First Parish reduce its negative impacts on the climate? If so, you might get enjoyment and satisfaction from serving as our volunteer Energy Manager. In this exciting new role, our Energy Manager will monitor our energy use and identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency... Read more »