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Alliance Program: Energy Revolution: Fossil Fuels Can Be Completely Replaced

Mara Prentiss will explain how efficiency improvements in renewable energy generation can allow the average energy produced by renewable technologies to exceed the total energy needs of the United States. She will describe select technological options that can speed the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Mara is the Mallinkrodt Professor of Physics at Harvard University. She has... Read more »

Net Zero and You

The Climate Action Working Group of First Parish invites you to Join us at 11:45 am, Sunday, Oct 23 to learn about how to move toward Net Zero carbon emissions as a solution to the climate crisis. What does Net Zero mean? What can we do individually and together? Come for Ideas and information, a... Read more »

Eco-Gardening Resources

Here’s a link to the Doug Tallamy video we watched during the first Eco-garden session (he begins about 4 minutes in):   This is not a gardening video: it’s a profound paradigm shift away from the destructive ways we routinely view Nature. Researcher/entomologist Doug Tallamy graphically demonstrates that we as individuals are all that’s... Read more »