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Committing to Action: Exploring our own Backyard

This fall Rev. Erica led a four-part series on the history of slavery within First Parish Arlington. This winter/spring a self-selecting group will continue to do this work by crafting a congregational statement. If you are interested, please join us.

Shameless: Sessions on Adult Sexuality

 Join Rev. Erica for three sessions about sexuality and spirituality. We will be reading the book Shameless by progressive Lutheran pastor and author, Nadia Bolz-Weber. In addition to talking about the book we will borrow material from the UUA’s Our Whole Lives sexuality curriculum. March 16, 23 and 30, 2023; 7-8:30 pm in the... Read more »

Prayer, huh, yeah. What is it Good For? Absolutely Something

Join Rev. Erica Richmond for three sessions on prayer- how do we make sense of it? How do we pray in a way that is authentic and meaningful? In three sessions, participants will read from spiritual experts, practice writing their own prayers, and discuss with one another what this spiritual practice means to them. We... Read more »