There are a number of ways to communicate to the First Parish Community, from an announcement in the e-bulletin to a longer article in the Spire.  Here are the descriptions, deadlines, and contact information for each:

Weekly E-Bulletin

This bulletin, sent via e-mail, is a communication vehicle for weekly news and events. Brief news items are often linked to longer stories on the First Parish website, for readers who would like further information. The E-Bulletin is managed by our Communications Associate under the supervision of the Office Manager.

The E-Bulletin comes out on Thursday. Submissions should be sent via the publish form or may be e-mailed to weekly @ by Wednesday at noon. Anything that is submitted to the E-Bulletin will be edited and printed in the Sunday Bulletin as well.

Articles longer than a paragraph or two should be submitted to our monthly newsletter, The Spire.

Sunday Teaser

The Sunday Teaser is a one page printed bulletin that contains action items and essential information. It is included in the Order of Service. Space is limited, so submissions must be brief. The Sunday Teaser is managed by the Administrative Associate under the supervision of Office Manager.

Submissions for the Sunday Bulletin should be e-mailed to weekly @ by Wednesday at noon or preferably submitted via our online form.

Spoken Announcements

Spoken announcements are made by a Worship Associate at the beginning of the Sunday Service. These announcements are intentionally kept limited, so the service can begin with a worshipful tone. Depending on the number and/or length of the announcements on any given Sunday, Worship Associates may abridge the requested text at their discretion.

The Sunday Teaser is the best place for most Sunday announcements. Spoken announcements generally (1) must be relevant to the whole congregation and (2) should refer to events that will occur that day or within the following week.
To request a spoken announcement, submit your text to the office at announce @ and it will be forwarded to the Worship Associates.

As noted, almost all spoken announcement are made by the Worship Associate serving on that Sunday. However, exceptions are made for some larger church events, such as the Harvest Moon Fair and the Stewardship Campaign, when Guest Announcements may be appropriate. If you believe that your announcement falls under the category of Guest Announcement, you must get approval from the Worship Associates in advance. This group can be reached at worshipassociates @

The Spire

Our monthly newsletter, The Spire, is published on the first Sunday of each month, September through June. Hard copies are available at church, and a PDF version is available on the church website shortly after publication. If you do not receive a monthly notification when a new Spire has been posted on the church website, write to spirelist @ and request that your e-mail address be added to the list.

The Spire publishes material that is not particularly time- or date-sensitive, such in-depth First Parish information, staff and committee reports, detailed articles, and essays.

To contribute to The Spire, please send articles to Spire Editor Diane Shriver at spire @ The deadline is the last Sunday of each month. (These dates are listed on the church website.) If you do not have access to e-mail, please call the church office at 781-643-4188.

Submissions may be edited for space and clarity.

If privacy is an issue, please note that The Spire is distributed to the First Parish community, posted on our bulletin board, sent to other churches in the district, and distributed electronically.


Our website ( is managed by our Administrative Associate. Most sections of the site are open to the public, but some are available only to members with a password. To offer feedback about the website or to discuss including materials there, contact the office manager.

—Updated June 2020

Display Space Policy

Spaces Available

There are two display spaces at First Parish available to church groups on a monthly rotating basis. These are the kitchen end of the large bulletin board in the vestry (community room) and the glass display case in the narthex (entry hall). These are available for the purpose of educational or creative displays in keeping with the mission and values of First Parish.

How to Proceed

Contact the Office Manager, to sign up for either space, or both together. Requests should be made a month in advance, but demand may vary, so it may be available at shorter notice. the Office Manager  will take sign ups on a first-come-first-served basis.

Any one group may use a display space up to three times per year. Groups are responsible for their own set up and removal of displays. Displays not removed by the group may be removed at the discretion of the group which follows.

Content Guidelines

Displays are to be educational or creative in nature, and in keeping with the mission of First Parish, for example, photos of diverse families, celebrating a social justice anniversary, First Parish historical artifacts, an art show, or a visual explanation of green sanctuary practices. The spaces may not be used primarily to advertise programs or events, although they may be mentioned in conjunction with the theme.

The display case is best utilized by a combination of flat and 3-D objects, and all displays are most effective when the emphasis is on attractive visual composition rather than lengthy written explanation.

—Adopted by the Parish Committee March 1, 2012