• Church Budget Cycle
  • Cash and Check Management Policy for Church Collections


Created by the Finance Committee—Ted Live, Steve McMullin, and Sue Sheffler—April 19, 2011

The goal of this document is to establish ongoing, clear communication among church entities about church finances that support our mission, and to provide a coherent understanding of the overall process to all incoming committee members throughout First Parish.

As a communication vehicle during FY transition, FinCom members attend a meeting of the Music, RE, and Property Committees before the summer hiatus to explain who we are and the budget process.

May Annual Meeting, budget approved for next FY
July FY begins
July/August Summer hiatus
  • Annual audit
  • Semi-annual summit meeting of Trustees, FinCom, and ParCom rep, (includes Treasurer)
  • FinCom discussions with RE, Music, Property, and other committees;
  • FinCom members attend various committee meetings to help articulate needs and priorities
  • FinCom asks staff for budget input
  • FinCom requests status of current-year pledges from Asst. Treasurer
  • Trustees report distribution to FinCom
  • FinCom creates budget draft and submits to ParCom
  • ParCom, or subcommittee, reviews budget draft
  • FinCom produces semi-final draft
  • ParCom approves budget
  • Stewardship sets pledge goal (“% increase” based on current pledge level)
  • FinCom supports stewardship campaign (e.g., revise stewardship brochure)
  • FinCom and Trustees’ reports prepared for Annual Report
  • Semi-annual summit meeting of Trustees, FinCom, ParCom rep, and CCET rep (includes Treasurer)
  • FinCom creates high-level budget for Annual Meeting
  • ParCom approves final budget
May Annual Meeting, congregation approves budget for next FY


In order to be consistent with UUA policies and best practices, the policy for handling the church collections of cash/and or checks is as follows:

  • Two unrelated persons who are church members will be responsible for counting the cash and checks received in collections/fund-raising activities.
  • Every effort will be made to rotate the volunteers so that the same two people are not repeatedly working together.
  • The funds should be in the custody of two people at all times until deposited in the designated location.
  • The collection must not leave the building until it is taken to the bank to be deposited.

This policy is for all funds received unless an exception is recommended by the Treasurer and approved by the ParCom Executive Committee. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is consistent with the best UUA practices.

—Adopted by the Parish Committee April 14, 2012