The officers and committees, in close cooperation with the staff, conduct the basic work of the congregation. For more information on any of these committees, click on the individual committee.

  • Officers and members of standing committees are nominated and elected for three-year terms at the congregation’s Annual Meeting each May. These positions are specified in First Parish’s bylaws.
  • The LDC offers a slate of nominees.  Nominations, including self-nominations, may also be made from the floor, but people are encouraged to talk with the LDC about their interests. Terms begin and end at Annual Meeting.
  • At other times of year, the Parish Committee may appoint an individual to a standing committee until the following Annual Meeting at the request of that committee’s chair or co-chairs.
  • The bylaws limit individuals to two consecutive three-year terms on a standing committee unless they receive the approval of the Parish Committee for a third term.
  • Officers and members of the Parish Committee may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms; they become eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting a year after their second term ends.

If you are interested in any of these positions, contact the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) at and/or talk with the committee’s chair(s).


  • CLERK:  Celia Wcislo (first term ends 2022)
  • TREASURER: David Klingsberg (first 3-year term ends 2021)
  • ASSISTANT TREASURER: Susan Marsh (second term ends 2019)
  • AUDITOR: Ginger Mara (first term ends 2021)
  • MODERATOR: Katharine MacPhail (first term ends 2020) 


Parish Committee (governing board)

  • CHAIR: Marie Meteer (first term ends 2020)
  • VICE-CHAIR: Sara Galantowicz (first term ends 2021)
  • TREASURER: David Klingsberg (first 3-year term ends 2021)
  • CLERK:Celia Wcislo (first term ends 2022)
  • MEMBERS: Maggie Carey (second term ends 2021, Tom Estabrook (first term ends 2020), Paul Hollings (term ends 2020), Anne Quaadgras (first term ends 2022), Steve McMullin (second term ends 2022)
  • CONTACT: Chair and Vice-Chair –

    NOTE: The Executive Committee of the Parish Committee consists of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Minister as a non-voting ex officio member. The Executive Committee is empowered to make a variety of small and/or urgent decisions and brings larger issues to the full Parish Committee. 

Finance Committee

  • CHAIR: David Dreyfus (second term ends 2021)
  • MEMBERS: Julian Chu (second term ends 2020) Dawn Terkla (first term ends 2021), Tim Greene (first term ends 2022)
  • EX OFFICIO MEMBER: David Klingsberg, Treasurer (first 3-year term ends 2021)

Human Resources Committee

  • CHAIR: Lauren Melton (second term ends 2021)
  • MEMBERS: Maggie Carey (first term ends 2022), Rick Eastwick (second term ends 2022), Kay Snowden (first term ends 2021), Diane Barry (first term ends 2022), Julie Garry (first term ends 2022), Lauren Newton (first term ends 2022)

Leadership Development Committee

  • CHAIR: Helene Newberg (first term ends 2020)
  • MEMBERS: Aaron Kitzmiller (second term ends 2021), Georgia Critsley (first term ends 2020), Amy Fardella (first term ends 2020), Martha Pereli (second term ends 2020)

Membership Committee

  • CO-CHAIRS: Susan Moore (first term ends 2020) and Julie Garry (first term ends 2022)
  • MEMBERS: Steve Piasecki (first term ends 2020), Phil Speare (second term ends 2020), Bonnie Zimmer (second term ends 2022), Maryanne Kirkbride (first term ends 2022)

Music Committee

  • MEMBERSHIP: Open to all; a musical background is helpful but not essential.
  • CHAIR: Robin Baker (second term ends 2021)
  • TREASURER:  Rainer Dressler (first term ends 2021)
  • MEMBERS: Rainer Dressler (first term ends 2021), James Fleming (first term ends 2021), Amy Pohl (second term ends 2022), Joe Terry (first term ends 2020), Alice Austin (first term ends 2022), Mary Lou Solliday (first term ends 2022)
  • ASSOCIATED STAFF: Jonathan Brennand, Music Director CONTACT: Chair and Music Director –

Property Committee

  • CHAIR: Mike Birenbach (second term ends 2021)
  • MEMBERS: Chris Floyd (first term ends 2020), John Galantowicz (first term ends 2020), Kurt Vanderpile (first term ends 2020), Greg Ruccio (first term ends 2022)

Religious Education Committee

  • CO-CHAIRS: Wendy Fields (first term ends 2019) and Janis Fleishman (first term ends 2019)
  • TREASURER: Sarah Short (first term ends 2020)
  • MEMBERS: Anne Ehlert (first term ends 2021), Anthony Fernandez (first term ends 2021), Julie Garry (second term ends 2022), Ellen Robie (second term ends 2021), Melina Vanderpile (first term ends 2021), Pamela Baldwin (first term ends 2022), Chris Barton (first term ends 2022)
  • ASSOCIATED STAFF: Tina Schultz, Director of Religious Education (DRE), andRose Sawyer, Youth Group Coordinator
  • CONTACT: Co-chairs –  Full committee and DRE –

Social Justice Committee

  • CO-CHAIRS: Mary Cummings (second term ends 2022) and Maureen Dolan (first term ends 2022)
  • MEMBERS: Alan Linov (first term expires 2022), Hilary Rappaport (second term ends 2020), Allan Schramm (second term ends 2021), Anne Wright (second term ends 2021), Linda Brown (first term ends 2022)

Stewardship Committee

  • CO-CHAIRS: David Desjardins (first term ends 2021) and Carolyn White (first term ends 2022)
  • MEMBERS: Jamie Aronson (first term ends 2021), Kathy Greene (first term ends 2021), Julius Pereli (first term ends 2022), Phil Speare (first term ends 2022), Sue Sheffler (first term ends 2020)

Trustees of Trust Funds

  • MEMBERSHIP: Trustees must be members of First Parish.
  • CHAIR: Jeff Keffer (second term ends 2021)
  • MEMBERS: Pam Linov (first term ends 2021), Sue Sheffler (first term ends 2021), Phil Speare (first term ends 2021), Kathy Greene (first term ends 2022)