The officers and committees, in close cooperation with the staff, conduct the basic work of the congregation. For more information on any of these committees, click on the individual committee.

  • Officers and members of standing committees are nominated and elected for three-year terms at the congregation’s Annual Meeting each May. These positions are specified in First Parish’s bylaws.
  • The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) offers a slate of nominees.  Nominations, including self-nominations, may also be made from the floor, but people are encouraged to talk with the LDC about their interests. Terms begin and end at Annual Meeting.
  • At other times of year, the Parish Committee may appoint an individual to a standing committee until the following Annual Meeting at the request of that committee’s chair or co-chairs.
  • The bylaws limit individuals to two consecutive three-year terms on a standing committee unless they receive the approval of the Parish Committee for a third term.
  • Officers and members of the Parish Committee may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms; they become eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting a year after their second term ends.

If you are interested in any of these positions, contact the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) at and/or talk with the committee’s chair(s).


CLERK: Joanna Pushee (first term ends 2025)
TREASURER: Carolyn Hodges (first 3-year term ends 2024)
ASSISTANT TREASURER: Shaileen (Shay) Pokress (term ends 2025)
AUDITOR: Pam Linov (first term ends 2024)
MODERATOR: David Whitford (as of 2023 term ends 2026)

Parish Committee (governing board)

Meets the third Tuesday of each month, year-round with additional meetings as needed. Meetings are open to any First Parish member. The Parish Committee is also known as ParCom.
PURPOSE: To serve as the governing body of First Parish: to create parish-wide policy, hold a long-term vision, oversee and empower committees, foster new initiatives and discern priorities among them, prepare and oversee the annual budget, conduct an annual evaluation of the Minister and overall ministry of the parish, approve non-called program staff, monitor the overall condition of the physical plant, and speak for the congregation on matters of public concern.
MEMBERSHIP: Clerk, Treasurer, and seven other individuals, all of whom must be First Parish members.

Chair: Sara Galantowicz (second term ends 2024)
Vice-Chair: Anne Quaadgras (first term ending 2025)
Treasurer: Carolyn Hodges (first 3-year term ends 2024)
Clerk: Joanna Pushee (first term ends 2025)
Allan Tosti (first term ends 2024)
Celia Wcislo (second term ends 2025)
John Anderson (first term ends 2026)
Jeff Keffer (second term ends 2026)
John Stutz (first term ends 2026)

CONTACT: Chair and Vice-Chair –
NOTE: The Executive Committee of the Parish Committee consists of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Minister as a non-voting ex officio member. The Executive Committee is empowered to make a variety of small and/or urgent decisions and brings larger issues to the full Parish Committee.

Denominational Affairs Committee

PURPOSE: To keep the congregation informed of UUA projects and affairs, connect with the larger UU world, connect with like-minded and like-hearted groups and individuals beyond UU, conduct an annual poll related to UUA resolutions, and nominate prospective delegates to represent First Parish at the regional and continental levels.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all. Currently inactive.

Finance Committee

(Meets at least every other month, and more often as needed)
PURPOSE: To monitor and oversee the church’s financial condition and to prepare a draft of the annual budget for approval by the Parish Committee and the church membership.
MEMBERSHIP: Must be a First Parish member; a numbers background is helpful but not essential.
Eric Segal (first term ends 2024)
Lissa McBurney (first term ends 2024)
EX OFFICIO MEMBER: Carolyn Hodges, Treasurer (first term ends 2024)

Human Resources Committee

(Meets monthly or as needed)
PURPOSE: To support the congregation and its Parish Committee in the arena of human resources, including creating and maintaining employee procedures and policies, job descriptions, clear organizational reporting lines, and hiring and termination practices (e.g., offer letters, exit interviews, and grievance process); to assist the congregation in adhering to fair compensation guidelines and providing competitive benefits in line with our budget; to assist the staff in its process to set annual goals as well as conducting annual performance reviews and feedback; and to serve as counsel to the staff and Parish Committee on the above topics.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all; human resources experience is helpful but not essential.

Maggie Carey (third term ends 2024)
Kay Snowden (second term ends 2024)
Diane Barry (second term ends 2025)
Lauren Newton (second term ends 2025)

Leadership Development Committee

(Meets monthly, September–June)
PURPOSE: To encourage and facilitate participation in First Parish committees, support our lay leaders by promoting leadership development throughout our congregation, and nominate individuals to fill vacancies on standing committees and as parish officers prior to the Annual Meeting.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all; past participation in one or more First Parish committees is ideal.
CHAIR: Helene Newberg (second term ends 2024)
Georgia Critsley (second term ends 2024)
Amy Fardella (second term ends 2024)
Kiki Giatis (first term ends 2024)

Membership Committee

PURPOSE: To greet and welcome newcomers to our church, to help them learn about our community, and to increase the awareness of the entire congregation about welcoming newcomers and including them in the life of the church. To inspire those who wish to become active and involved members of the church, and to guide them on the path to membership.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all.
CHAIR: Amy Anderson (first term ends 2025)
Bonnie Zimmer (third term ends 2024)
Maryanne Kirkbride (second term ends 2025)
Mary McCartney (second term ends 2024)
Christian Collins (first term ends 2025)
Dianne Schaefer (first term ends 2024)
Gail Page (first term ends 2025)
Maureen Dolan (first term ends 2026)

Music Committee

(Meets the second Thursday of each month, September–June)
PURPOSE: To work closely with the music director and organist in creating a music program serving the mission of First Parish, to serve as a congregational liaison for music staff and a sounding board for ideas and projects, to be actively involved with equipment and instruments relating to the music program, and to coordinate music events at First Parish.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all; a musical background is helpful but not essential.
Alice Austin (co—chair) (second term ends 2024)
Mary Lou Solliday (co-chair) (second term ends 2024)
Bob Rowland (first term ends 2026)
Carol Seitz (first term ends 2026)
James Fleming (first term ends 2024)
Amy Pohl (third term ends 2025)
ASSOCIATED STAFF: Jonathan Brennand, Music Director
CONTACT: Chair and Music Director –

Property Committee

(Meets the third Thursday of each month, year-round)
PURPOSE: To maintain and enhance the First Parish buildings and grounds, making the First Parish property an inviting and safe environment with minimal environmental footprint.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all; new participants welcome.
CHAIR: John Galantowicz (second term ends 2024)
David Dreyfus (first term ends 2024)
Aaron Kitzmiller (first term ends 2024)
Greg Ruccio (first term ends 2024)
Stephen McMullin (first term ends 2024)
Jamie Warter (first term ends 2026)

Religious Education Task Force

(Meets the first Thursday of each month, September–June)
PURPOSE: To provide oversight of and support to the RE program at First Parish.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all.
CHAIR: Ellen Robbie (third term ends 2025)
Anthony Fernandez (second term ends 2024)
Julie Garry (second term ends 2023)
Melina Vanderpile (second term ends 2024)
Sharon Jacobson (first term ends 2024)
Betsy Carlton-Gayson (first term ends 2026)
Janis Fleishman (first term ends 2026)
ASSOCIATED STAFF: Tina Schultz, Director of Religious Education (DRE)
Rose Sawyer, Youth Group Coordinator
CONTACT: Co-chairs –
Full committee and DRE –

Social Justice Committee

(Meets the first Wednesday of each month, September–June)
PURPOSE: To support opportunities to live our faith, both within First Parish and in the larger world; to raise funds at the annual Pie Palace, support the social justice working groups (see pages 20-21), plan the annual Shinn and Living Our Faith Services, oversee the Giving First program, and serve as a clearinghouse for social justice initiatives emerging from within and external to our congregation.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all.
CO-CHAIRS: Alan Linov (second term ends 2025)
Linda Brown (second term ends 2025)
Mara Worle (first term ends 2024)
Ellen Leigh (first term ends 2025)
Joanne Pohl (first term ends 2025)
Anne Ehlert (first term ends 2026)
Melissa Berczuk (first term ends 2026)

Stewardship Committee

(Meets as needed)
PURPOSE: To foster a culture of stewardship at First Parish, ensure financial support of First Parish by members and friends via year-long education regarding its financial needs, and oversee the annual pledge campaign.
MEMBERSHIP: Open to all.
CO-CHAIRS: Marie Meteer (term ends 2024), Amy Speare (term ends 2025)
John Anderson (first term ends 2024)
Sue Sheffler (second term ends 2024)
Heidi Swarts (second term ends 2024)
Rev. Erica Richmond (Ministerial Member)

Trustees of Trust Funds

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Trust Funds is to ensure the long-term survival of First Parish. The Trustees are fiduciaries for the congregation who are guided by that purpose to manage, invest and distribute the Trust Funds, including both restricted and unrestricted monies. The primary goal for distribution of unrestricted funds is to support the capital needs of First Parish’s infrastructure.
MEMBERSHIP: Trustees must be members of First Parish.
CHAIR: Annette Sawyer (first term ends 2024)
Martha Pereli (first term ends 2024)
Sue Sheffler (second term ends 2024)
Alan Schweitzer (first term ends 2024)
Phil Speare (second term ends 2024)
Julie Dunn (first term ends 2025)
Kay Snowden (first term ends 2026)
Marie Meteer (first term ends 2026)