Options and Resources for Getting Greener


The following is a list of programs, support systems and resources that First Parish Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) has put together to help interested members and friends protect our climate by moving toward net zero greenhouse gas emissions in their homes and transportation.


Community Electricity


Community electricity programs are sponsored by towns and cities and provide residents and businesses electricity supply options with more local, renewable energy.  In Arlington, the program is called Arlington Community Electricity (ACE). Residents who are interested in joining ACE can check their eligibility and opt up to 100% local renewable electricity. When more people choose the 100% option, new renewable power generation gets developed in New England. You can check out the ACE website and sign up online at ace.arlingtonma.gov. Interested people from other towns can check out the Community Electricity website in their local town (in your browser, search “your-town’s-name community electricity”).


To avoid being misled by disreputable companies, stick to the program that is offered by your town or one offered by the Green Energy Consumers Alliance.


Electrify Arlington


Electrify Arlington is a community-wide campaign to transition buildings and transportation toward being all electric, without using any fossil fuels. The campaign is part of Arlington’s commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas  emissions by 2050. Electrify Arlington has trained coaches who are available to help residents understand home efficiency and heat pumps.  Coaches will provide information on programs, rebates and incentives.  Two First Parish members are serving as coaches.  Check out the Electrify Arlington website to learn more and to find lots of useful resources.


Additional Resources:


The following is a list of resources of information and assistance that you may find helpful.  If you have any questions, please contact climateaction@firstparish.info.


Massachusetts 2050 Decarbonization Roadmap



Princeton University Report: Net-Zero America



Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

“Everything you need to know” guide for Mass. Residents’ clean energy solutions including advice, testimonials, resources, explanation of Fed., state, MassSave incentives.


Clean energy workforce development – training, education, job opportunities, student programs – and more




Offers assessments and incentives to help residents make homes more energy efficient and move to renewable energy

Mass Save free home energy assessment program and how to sign up.


List of incentives and rebates MassSave offers for choosing clean energy heating/cooling systems, weatherization, and energy efficient appliances




State rebates on electric vehicle purchase or lease, personal or business




One-stop portal for every rebate, incentive, loan, and financing offered by the state.  Filterable and searchable



Mass Department of Energy Rebates and Incentives Guides

Energy/utility bill assistance, weatherization, demand/response, more rebates and incentives




Clean Energy Future Committee

Committee charged with guiding Arlington’s implementation of the plan.

Arlington Net Zero Action Plan

The Town’s plan is available at this website:



Arlington Community Electricity

The program by which the town negotiates for electricity supply for almost all residents and many businesses. There is an option to choose to get 100% local renewable electricity for your home.



Electrify Arlington

Town’s online resource for the “Electrify Arlington” campaign to transition from fossil-fuels to clean, renewable energy by 2050. There are links with a lot of useful information.



Green Energy Consumer Alliance

New England-based non-profit organization offers programs and support for transitioning to efficient clean energy in homes and transportation.


The DriveGreen page you can use to get a discount on an electric car




Website where you can enter information about your home and then solar panel installation companies will send you bids from which you can choose