FPConnectionBoard is an email list that gives Arlington First Parish parishioners an opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests and to give and receive help.

  • Do you want to CONNECT with people at First Parish who share similar interests? (e.g. book group, tennis partner, borrow camping equipment)
  • Do you need HELP with a “small need”? (e.g. take out an air conditioner, ride when your car is in the shop)
  • Do you have unneeded items you’d rather OFFER than throw away?(e.g. furniture, sporting equipment, crutches)

How to Join

Those signed up for the First Parish e-Bulletin are eligible to join. You do not need a Google account, however if your email address is connected to a Google account, you may view this list on the Web as well as through regular email.

To join the group please email the moderators at fpconnectionboard-admin@firstparish.info

If you have a Google account, you can also request to join directly through Google Groups. This video will show you how.

After joining, to send an email to the group …

To send an email to the group, simply send an email to fpConnectionBoard@googlegroups.com. Note: many people have commented that they don’t receive back a copy of their own email.  If you have a google account, you can view the group’s messages on the Web at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/fpconnectionboard.


  • This is not a discussion group.
  • Posts offering items must be for FREE items.  However, posts offering to pay for services received (e.g. dog sitter, snow shoveling) ARE permitted.
  • Announcements, political messages, sponsorships are not permitted.
  • Posts asking for recommendations (babysitter, painter, vacation info) are permitted.
  • This is not a way to initiate a Lay Ministry request. For Lay Ministry requests, please email layministry@firstparish.info

Reply to the original poster only, not the entire group.

  • Members who do not follow these guidelines will have their posts moderated.

Mini FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Thanks to Amy Speare for writing this up.

The key things to ask yourself before you post:  does my post CONNECT people?  ask for HELP? Or OFFER items for free?  Those are the three main principles.  We try to keep the group focused.

Here are some examples of appropriate posts in the “HELP” category:

  • Asking for help is intended for things like help putting in an air conditioner, getting a new TV set up,
  • bugs on a computer,
  • moving furniture,
  • snow shoveling…  ‘
  • Good neighbor’ types of tasks.

Does looking for volunteers fall under “asking for help”?

  • Looking for volunteers for a community event is fine.  Volunteers for public non-political events are fine.  Asking for volunteers for a political campaign is not allowed.

Are we allowed to advertise events we think would be of interest, for example a nature based Kindergarten program the Middlesex fells is offering or social justice stuff, etc?

  • Looking for a nature buddy for your child would qualify as ‘connecting’.
  • Looking for team mates for the AIDS Walk is also appropriate.
  • Announcements that do not directly connect First Parish congregants with one another are outside of the guidelines.

Questions? Email the moderators at fpconnectionboard-admin@firstparish.info