Fulfill your pledge and save on taxes! Donating stock (also known as securities) to First Parish is a great way to optimize your investment while helping the church. If you have securities that have increased in value while you have owned them, you can donate them to the church, as your pledge or part of your pledge, and receive full credit as a tax donation. Donating stock in this way is most beneficial because it can eliminate or significantly reduce short-term gains taxes, and it also can reduce long-term gains taxes.

► Important note: For Mutual Fund donations, please contact the Schwab Transfer Team at 602-355-9003 for instructions.

For stock donations, the two-step procedure is easy:

Step 1: Simply fill in the form below and click “Submit.”  We suggest you print this form for your records.

Step 2: Provide your broker with the following wire instructions:

Charles Schwab
DTC :0164
A/C Name: First Parish UU Arlington
A/C #: 8322-2384
If needed: First Parish Arlington Tax ID #04-2272713