First Parish is entirely self-supporting and over 70% of that support is contributions from our members.

Give for Today

Give Online

Your donation helps support First Parish this year.
To donate using your smartphone, text “fpuu offering” to 73256.
Then follow the directions in the texts you receive.

Pledge for tomorrow

Pledge Online

Your pledge tells us what you are committing to next year
which helps us budget for our fiscal year, July 2023 – June 2024.
The average cost per household to operate First Parish is $2,500.

Our experiences and disruptions over the past three years have made “what matters” most to each of us poignantly clear. Our Stewardship theme, Committing to What Matters, gives us each the opportunity to reflect on what’s personally important to us: The annual Stewardship Drive is an opportunity for you to make a promise to the future of First Parish by pledging the amount that you will give in our next Fiscal Year, which begins July 1, 2023.

Why Give?

First Parish is self funding:  Your pledge accounts for almost three quarters of the budget
that we need to pay our staff and all the bills,
which translates to what matters to each of us.