First Parish is entirely self-supporting and over 80% of that support is contributions from our members. Make a general donation:

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First Parish 2021-22 Stewardship Drive

Starts February 28

The annual Stewardship Drive is an opportunity for you to make a promise to the future of First Parish by pledging the amount that you will give in our next Fiscal Year, which begins July 1, 2021.

Our theme “Together, Stronger Still” reflects how we have supported one another through the challenges of our time, sustaining the hope, resilience, and resolve demonstrated this year.

This year’s goals

The Parish Committee has identified the following priorities for increases to our budget over the current year.  We hope everyone will pledge generously to help us meet these goals.

  • Our staff, primarily increased funds to support our Parish Minister, as well as give our staff cost of living adjustments for this year and to make up for last year.
  • Restore committee budgets to their pre-pandemic levels to fund increased activities as we return to our meeting house.
  • Two special projects to increase safety and flexibility in our meetinghouse:
    • Improvements to the HVAC system and airflow in the building
    • Audio video equipment to allow remote participation along with in person services

Pledge Online

  1. Use the “Pledge Online” button to go to Realm.
  2. Log in
  3. Choose “Giving” under the menu at the top left
  4. Choose “Pledge”
  5. Fill out the form and submit!

Why we give

First Parish is entirely self-supporting and over 80% of that support is contributions from our members.

Giving Guidelines

Every family makes their own decisions about how much they can contribute to the workings of First Parish.  But if you were wondering, here are some guidelines.

Sustainer   Supporter
Income % Monthly Annual   % Monthly Annual
$25,000 2% $42 $500 3% $63 $750
$50,000 3% $125 $1,500 3%` $167 $2,000
$75,000 3% $188 $2,250 4.5% $281 $3,370
$100,000 3.5% $292 $3,500 5% $417 $5,000
$150,000 4% $438 $5,250 5% $625 $7,500
$200,000 5% $667 $8000 5.5% $917 $11000
$300,000 5% $1250 $15,000 6% $1,500 $18,000