First Parish Policy and Procedures Handbook

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The Policy and Procedures Handbook is an official informational handbook that is monitored by the Parish Committee. The Parish Committee shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information in the handbook.

Policies define a course of action that has been voted on by the Parish Committee, by Congregational Meeting, or by the authority of program staff. At the end of each policy there is a notation of when the policy was voted on or otherwise officially established and by whom.

Procedures are a series of steps to accomplish a specific goal. These are the “how to’s” of the organization, and may be set up by various interested parties. At the end of each procedure, a note will be made of the source of the procedure.

—Adopted by the Parish Committee May 17, 2013


For more information or to address questions regarding this handbook, please contact the Parish Committee.





  • Weekly E-Bulletin
  • Sunday Bulletin
  • Spoken Announcements in the Sunday Service
  • The Spire
  • Website
  • Information and Technology (IT) Policy
  • Display Space Policy


  • Church Budget Cycle
  • Policy Regarding Fundraising for Special Purposes
  • Cash and Check Management Policy for Church Collections
  • First Parish Gift Acceptance Policy
  • Audit Policy/Procedure
  • Policy for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund
  • Reimbursement Procedure for Church-Related Expenses


  • Alcohol Policies and Guidelines
  • Green Sanctuary Policy
  • Environmental Practices at First Parish Arlington
  • Charter: Green Sanctuary/Climate Change Task Force
  • Memorial Garden Rules and Procedures
  • Safe Congregation Policy
  • UUA Safe Congregations Guidelines for First Parish Youth Programs
  • Procedures for Use of First Parish Arlington Facilities
  • Committees and Groups at First Parish UU
  • Standing Committees
  • Groups for Spiritual Growth and Support
  • Other First Parish Committees and Groups
  • Standing Committee Charters


  • Staffing Structure
  • Minister/Ministry Evaluation Process
  • Employee Handbook & Personnel Policies for First Parish UU of Arlington, Mass.