First Parish is blessed to have an endowment or trust funds.  The purpose of these funds is to ensure the long-term survival of First Parish.  The Trustees are fiduciaries for the congregation who are guided by that purpose to manage, invest and distribute the Trust Funds, including both restricted and unrestricted monies.  The primary goal for distribution of unrestricted funds is to support the capital needs of First Parish’s infrastructure.  Trustees must be members of First Parish.

Trustees of the Trust Funds of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington

The purpose of the trust funds is to ensure the long-term survival of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (the “church”). To accomplish this goal, the following principles are considered by the Trustees in deciding how to invest funds and spend funds.

  • Restricted funds managed by the Trustees must be handled in accordance with restrictions as set by the donors.
  • The benchmark amount of the unrestricted trust funds’ principal may only be used for long-term capital projects.
  • The benchmark amount is the value of the unrestricted funds as of December 8, 2003: $1,270.637.
  • The trustees may, from time to time, modify the benchmark amount to maintain the purchasing power of the trust funds and/or to reflect donations to the trust funds.
  • Accumulated earnings and gains in excess of the benchmark amount may be disbursed when, in the judgment of the Trustees, it is prudent to do so.
  • The trustees will encourage planned giving to the church in keeping with their purpose to ensure the long-term survival of the church.

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