How do I reach a minister?

Both ministers are available by appointment.  For personal, spiritual, and pastoral care, you may choose whichever minister with whom you would like to meet.  Pastoral conversations are confidential, but the content of conversations shared with one minister may be shared with the other.  You can email or   In case of emergency, please phone the church office: 781 648 3799

Who does what?

Each minister serves as the ministerial contact for various groups and committees at First Parish as well as supervisor to other staff members.

To view which specific committees and groups have particular ministerial contacts, view our workings booklet.

What is their schedule?

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays both ministers are available for appointments for meetings.  On Saturdays and Sundays  both ministers are preparing for and leading worship and other programs.  Mondays are Marta’s sabbath day and Rev. Erica’s writing day.  Fridays are Rev. Erica’s sabbath day and Marta’s writing day.

What About the Committee on Ministry?

A Committee on Ministry serves as ambassador between the ministers and the congregation.  The Committee on Ministry evaluates and supports the ministry working with the two ordained ministers as a team.  You are welcome to give feedback and suggestions to the members of the Committee on Ministry.

More About Our Ministers and Staff