February Giving First, MotoMeds Healthline, Haiti

MotoMeds Healthline, Haiti

MotoMeds Healthline is an ‘off hours’ pediatric telemedicine and medication delivery service in Haiti that empowers communities to increase access to pediatric healthcare by providing families with an option for care and preventing common illnesses from transitioning into emergencies at night when children are most vulnerable. Nurses and nurse practitioners manage the calls, and based on their assessment and evidence based guidelines diagnose and develop a treatment plan. If the child lives in a MotoMeds delivery zone, a motorcycle driver will be dispatched to deliver basic medications/fluids. MotoMeds targets children with common illnesses that can progress rapidly in young children but have well known, effective, and low-cost treatments that are most impactful
when administered early. Early access to care is especially critical in regions with little to no emergency medical services.
This service is an innovative, cost-effective solution for families to bypass barriers, access proven treatments, and avoid expensive and complicated emergency illnesses. Despite the challenges of operating in Haiti (political- societal instability, economic crisis and a cholera outbreak), MotoMeds has stayed online nightly for over three years.

MotoMeds was launched in Haiti in September 2019. The service covers a population of approximately 120,000 Haitians. As of December 2022, MotoMeds Haiti has fielded 1883 calls and assessed 1656 sick kids. To learn more about MotoMeds go to their websites https://www.motomeds.org/



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