Giving First for January

All In Energy’s mission is to accelerate an inclusive clean energy economy.

Energy efficiency and clean energy are growing in Massachusetts and across the U.S., but there is a lack of diversity in the workforce in these sectors. All In Energy works to help low and moderate-income households to access energy saving programs, and they create new first-time job opportunities in clean energy for diverse young professionals.

They facilitate community outreach to bring energy efficiency and renewable energy to underserved communities. Many local organizations and cities want their residents to have access to energy savings and affordable renewable energy, but do not have the capacity themselves to focus on this outreach. All In Energy is helping by partnering with communities such as the City of Lawrence, MA, and the Codman Square neighborhood in Dorchester, to help create access.
All In Energy knows outreach is more effective when residents can relate to their team, so they focus on hiring staff and interns from the communities they serve. They work with community organizations, local community colleges and universities to recruit and hire young people and to build a multicultural, multilingual team that’s able to build trust, navigate different cultural norms, and connect with residents from many backgrounds.

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