Giving First for September

You Can Vote North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the states where voter suppression has been most persistent, creative, and racially biased. Courts have overturned some of North Carolina’s voter restrictions because they were so clearly targeted at African Americans. Other restrictions remain in place, however, and many citizens are understandably confused by the complex and rapidly changing laws.

You Can Vote North Carolina works all year, every year, to educate and register voters, help them successfully navigate North Carolina’s complicated voting system, and give them the confidence that they can, despite everything, actually vote and make a difference. You Can Vote has trained thousands of volunteers who talk one-on-one with citizens about voting rights, why voting matters, and how to vote. They focus especially on African-American communities and students and other young adults.

You Can Vote uses donations to print voter education materials, host online trainings and phone banks, and support their small, mostly young, and very multicultural staff, who together support more than 3,000 active volunteers statewide.

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