Gnome Hunt Hints!


Those pesky gnomes are all hiding!
Can you spot all 20?

Scroll through the slide show above or click below for hints.



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    Gnome 1: Loves flowers and birds nests. (Hint: Look for #630.)

    Gnome 2: Loves to ride with the wind. (Hint: Look for green pipes)

    Gnome 3: Loves to rest when tired. (Hint: Look for a stone hard surface)

    Gnome 4: Loves to wash off dirt. (Hint: Look for what used to be a tree)

    Gnome 5: Loves to read about history. (Hint: Look for a marker with words)

    Gnome 6: Loves to tell time. (Hint: Look for a silver circle)

    Gnome 7: Loves to go into church through wide doors. (Hint: Look for something patriotic)

    Gnome 8: Loves to climb trees! (Hint: Look for a warning sign)

    Gnome 9: Loves to dig in the garden. (Hint: Look for tulips near the roundabout.)

    Gnome 10: Loves to tidy up the yard. (Hint: Look for white doors)

    Gnome 11: Loves to push dirt and mulch. (Hint: Look for something green with wheels)

    Gnome 12: Loves to sit among yellow and blue petals. (Hint: Look for lots of color)

    Gnome 13: Loves to splash. (Hint: Look around the base of something grey)

    Gnome 14: Loves to play with other gnomes and fairies. (Hint: Look for something from the sea)

    Gnome 15: Loves to wiggle out of the yard. (Hint: Look for white plastic and brick)

    Gnome 16: Loves to puzzle out of a maze. (Hint: Look for something grey)

    Gnome 17: Loves to hide from his friends high up. (Hint: Look for something to climb)

    Gnome 18: Loves green pine trees. (Hint: Beyond the trees is a space children play in)

    Gnome 19: Love the shade of a big rock. (Hint: Look for a cherry tree and big stone blocks)

    Gnome 20: Loves First Parish and wants to go into the Sanctuary again! (Hint: Look for something that will hold the door open on the day we come back.)

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