Ingathering September 13

Greetings First Parish Community!

Sunday, September 13, is our Ingathering Service: while we are not in the building, this does mark the return of the congregational staff from a summer hiatus. The ministry team is so excited to welcome you to the 2020-2021 programmatic year! Typically this Sunday is celebrated with our annual water ceremony. This year, of course, is different. Not only are we are gathering virtually, but many us were not able to travel this summer or were not able to find those renewing waters like we normally do. During the worship service we will be honoring that grief even as we rejoice in ushering the new year forward.


With all of this complexity, we invite you to take this week to reconnect- to yourself, to this community, to what is sacred.
You are invited to
  • stop by the meeting house this week and water one the gardens.
    • Bring some water from home or from elsewhere and pour it on one of the meeting house’s beautiful flowers.
    • I even invite you to recite a mantra while you do so “this is my home, we are together in spirit even as we are apart.”
  • If this feels too risky, I invite you to do this ritual at your home.
  • However you do this, if you want to send a picture of yourself – Rev. Erica, the new parish minister, would love to receive it!

Either way, “see” you on Sunday, September 13th!

Blessings, Rev. Erica
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