New A/V Equipment in place for Hybrid Worship

An important part of the decision to return to in-person worship has been ensuring that we have the capability to offer a hybrid experience, so those who choose to stay home or have been joining us from afar can continue to worship with us.  We budgeted funds for 2021-22 to make this happen with the goal of having it ready in early fall.

We’re excited to announce that the equipment has been purchased, installed and tested.  Audio can be clearly captured from multiple microphones and multiple cameras can zoom, pan and tilt.  Which view is displayed is controlled remotely from a computer on premise.

The services will be streamed via Zoom, both to those signing on Zoom the same way they do now, as well as to other places in the church.  The great advantage of Zoom is that the process will be the same as it is now and no one needs to learn a new software tool.

In this phase of the project, we will be streaming outward bound only, so that while Zoom attendees can interact with each other, there is no provision for those attending in person to communicate back and forth with those attending remotely.  We will be exploring this option in the future.

A special thanks to Jo Guthrie, Amy Anderson and the Worship Associates for their input, and Julius Pereli working with ACMI (Arlington Community Media Inc.) to put the system in place.  ACMI will also be helping with training and support.  

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