Space at First Parish

Outdoor Spaces at First Parish for Small Groups
While our indoor space at First Parish remains closed to FP activities, we recognize the importance of seeing one another in real life, not just on a screen.  To facilitate meeting safely in small groups outside, we are setting up three outdoor spaces groups can sign up for:
  • Courtyard/ picnic table area
  • Courtyard/near building
  • Clock Tower Patio (near the door close to Mass Ave & Pleasant St. corner).
You will be able to sign up for one of these spaces just as you would for a regular event on the Calendar Page.  Select “Submit First Parish Event Request”, fill out the form, and when you hit “submit” you’ll be given the choice of which area you’d like to reserve.  Please do this well in advance, since staff are working reduced schedules.
We strongly urge everyone to sign up, not just show up.  We will leave it to groups to ensure that social distancing is maintained (6 feet for those not in the same household) and that everyone be masked as much as possible, and particularly when moving through the space.  Here’s a great video on staying safe.
Group leaders:
  • We strongly suggest you ask attendees to sign up with you in advance.  This will both help you control the number of people and give you a list of attendees in case it’s needed for tracing.
  • Do not serve food or beverages (individuals can bring their own)
  • Please no singing or other behavior that could risk others sharing the space.
  • Remind attendees to check with for symptoms in advance.
We are currently working on making some chairs available and will send a follow up message on where they will be kept and whether “chair reservations” are possible.  In the meantime “BYOC”.  Please check with others in your group so that if someone doesn’t have a chair or can’t bring it, others may be able to help.
Please remember that that the courtyard is also a sacred space for our community, so please treat it with respect.


Not comfy in person yet? No problem!

We now have two First Parish-owned zoom accounts (think of them as virtual rooms, like the Damon room) available for First Parish meetings and small group events of less than 100 participants. To access them, use the standard Submit First Parish Even Request  button on the FP calendar page.  On the second page of the form select one of the spaces under zoom virtual meetings. Staff or someone from our Techhelp team will contact you with the actual link and tech support. You can publicize the link on the calendar and send it to your attendees.

For any meeting that you want to publicize through the e-bulletin please use this process, even if you have your own zoom link.

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