Sabbatical Message from Committee on Ministry

Dear First Parish Community,
The Committee on Ministry would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and provide some further detail on Rev. Marta Flanagan ‘s upcoming sabbatical as our Lead Minister (January through mid-May, 2022).
Who is on the Committee on Ministry and what do you do?


The Committee on Ministry is Sue Costello, Elizabeth Hunter, Julius Pereli, Tina Silberman, Ebonié Smith Cooper, and Kate Tranquada. We serve as a liaison between the congregation and the ministers; we support the ministers by helping interpret the role of ministry in the congregation and provide feedback to the ministers including annual evaluations (in conjunction with the Parish Committee). We also try to keep the congregation informed about the tasks and scope of responsibilities of our ordained ministers. Think of us as the eyes and ears of the congregation–we encourage and welcome your feedback!


What will happen while Marta is on her sabbatical?


We’re thrilled for Marta that she’s able to take a well-earned sabbatical. We’re equally thrilled that we will continue to have Rev. Erica, our Parish Minister, by our sides during this time. During Marta’s sabbatical Rev. Erica will serve as Acting Lead Minister. Rev. Erica will assume some of Marta’s responsibilities by working closely with the Parish Committee as well as supervising staff and providing pastoral ministry to the congregation. We feel so fortunate that we have the resources that allow us to have our wonderful Parish Minister step up to make this all possible. We are also pleased that Rev. Marc Fredette will be joining us half-time as Adjunct Sabbatical Minister. In addition to participating in Sunday worship, Rev. Marc will support the Lay Ministry team, offer adult education programming, as well as be available for pastoral counseling. Read more about the sabbatical plans and Rev. Marc here.


Despite the challenges we all are facing during the pandemic and all that comes with it, we are enthusiastic and energized by the prospect of the coming months: Marta will have time for reflection and rejuvenation, we will have Rev. Erica expertly leading us, and we have the opportunity to connect with Rev. Marc and all that he will bring to our community.


Please do not hesitate to reach out individually to any of us on the Committee on Ministry, or feel free to contact us via email: with any questions or comments.


Wishing you light and joy this holiday season and for the coming year.


The Committee on Ministry
Sue Costello
Elizabeth Hunter
Julius Pereli
Tina Silberman
Ebonié Smith Cooper
Kate Tranquada
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