Second Minister Search Committee Update

The Second Minister Search Committee met this
week on Tuesday, October 22. Among the highlights:

*2020-21 stewardship campaign: We met with members of this year’s stewardship committee to talk about the importance of meeting our fundraising goal if we’re going to keep the second-minister search on track.  This year’s campaign will likely include home visits. Volunteer canvassers will be offered training. Dates and details to follow

Congregational Survey:  Participation exceeded even Marta’s ambitious goal, with more than 300 individuals responding! We’re in the process of organizing the mountain of material and will be sharing the results and discussing what they mean for First Parish in a variety of forums in the coming weeks and months.

*Beyond Categorical Thinking, Sermon and Workshop“Will the new minister hear me? Will my concerns and needs be met?  Will the minister understand what I’m living with? How will the community respond to our minister?” In answering these questions, a picture of the “ideal minister” (categorized by age, gender identity, nationality, physical or cognitive ability, race, sexual orientation, etc.) comes to mind. With this picture in place, it can be easy to unintentionally exclude ministers who fall into certain categories. At times, as we get caught up in comparing candidates to our “picture,” we can even forget what it is we hoped for in a minister. On Sunday, December 8, immediately following a special sermon, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in The Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop offered by the Unitarian Universalist Association. We invite all congregational leaders, members, and friends to take part.

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