September Spire Monthly Newsletter

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The September Spire includes:

  • Into the Autumn
  • Working Through Grief
  • Reflections: Watching the Basket


Our monthly newsletter, The Spire, is published on the first Sunday of each month, September through June. A PDF version is
available on the church website at shortly after publication. If you require a printed copy, please email the office and they would be happy to mail you a copy.

The Spire publishes material that is not particularly time- or date-sensitive, such in depth First Parish information, staff and committee reports, detailed articles, and essays.

To contribute to The Spire, please  email articles to Spire Editor Diane Shriver. The deadline is the last Sunday of the month, 7 days before the first Sunday of each month. If you do not have access to e-mail, please call the church office at 781-643-4188.
Submissions may be edited for space and clarity. If privacy is an issue, please note that The Spire is distributed to the First Parish
community, posted on our bulletin board, sent to other churches in the district, and distributed electronically.

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