Sermon- Feb. 28, 2021




Sunday Worship
First Parish
A liberal religious community, welcoming to all
First gathered 1739



February 28, 2021

Zoom Worship Service


Air & Sarabande
By Arthur Foote
Nocturne in B-flat
By John Field
Kenneth Seitz, piano
Recorded February 25, 2021

Welcome, Announcements, and Chalice Lighting

Elizabeth Hunter, Worship Associate

Opening Hymn

Gather the Spirit
# 347 from Singing the Living Tradition
Words & Music by Jim Scott
First Parish Choir & Congregation

Greetings and Breakout Rooms

Elizabeth Hunter, Worship Associate

Time for All Ages

Seth Botos, Youth Group Advisor

We hope you brought one of the following objects to our Zoom worship with you this morning:

-A metal saucepan or skillet with a wooden spoon
-Two plastic tupperware or small plastic trash cans, to be hit with either hands or a wooden spoon
-A grater with a metal utensil
-Something wooden to strike (like a bowl or two wooden spoons)

Joys and Concerns

Caryn Sandrew, Lay Minister

Musical Interlude

Candle Music
By Kenneth Seitz
Kenneth Seitz, piano
Recorded April 5th, 2020


Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan


The Heavens are Declaring
Ludwig Van Beethoven
arranged by Sharon Elery Rodgers
First Parish Bell Choir
recorded September 14, 2020

This Sunday half of the offering supports The Children’s Room.. The remaining half supports the life and work of this Parish.

To donate using your smartphone, you may text “fpuu offering” to 73256. Then follow the directions in the texts you receive. Or click the button below to give online.

Give Online


Rev. Erica Richmond, Rev. Marta Morris Flanagan, and Jerry Silberman


Rev. Erica Richmond


“Amen, Blessed Be”
Kenneth Seitz, piano
Jonathan Brennand, cantor
Recorded April 5th, 2020

“Amen, Blessed Be, Shalom, Salaam”
will be played twice. You are invited to sing along at home.

Closing Hymn

Now Let Us Sing
#368 from Singing the Living Tradition
Words & Music: Anonymous
First Parish Choir & Congregation


May faith in the Spirit of Life,
Hope for the community of Earth,
and Love of the sacred in one another
Be ours now and in all the days to come.


By Edvard Grieg
Kenneth Seitz, piano
Recorded February 25, 2021

Invitation Social Time

You are invited to participate in a break out group following worship.
If you cannot participate, now is the time to exit the zoom meeting during a 3 minute break.

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